Artist Statement

I am a contemporary wire artist based in Staffordshire. I use wire and found materials to create three dimentional drawings and sculptures of everyday objects. My inspirations include found objects and everyday items and anything I find that has an interesting line. I aim to give this line a new life through different experimental techniques and simple form.

The wire is simple and elegant allowing the focus to be on the line of the object, something so simple and yet often missed. I aim to bring a decorative touch to the wire using thread wrapping, twisting and rolling.

The sculptures are often to scale, replicating the object. The line looks almost drawn on, creating the impression of three dimentional drawings.


If you are interested in commissioning a piece please get in touch.


November 2014 'Craft in the Bay' Cardiff, Wales
May 2014 'Process' Cupola Gallery, Sheffield
February 2014 'Are You Listening Carefully' collaborative exhibiton, Unit Twelve Touring at Brindley, Runcorn, Foxlowe, Leek and Brampton, Newcastle under Lyne
February 2014 'Hidden Treasures' Walford Mill Crafts, Dorset
June 2013 'Paper, Scissors, Stone' Made in Britain, Bristol
January-April 2013 'Down our Street' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham
September 2012 'The Soldier's Rest' Landbaby, Liverpool 'Automated People' RBSA Gallery, Birmingham
August 2012 Selected for Junction Art Festival 2012 Outdoor Installation, Wolverhampton
May 2012 'Word Play' Unit Twelve, Stafford
April 2012 Selection of work exhibited at The Beetroot Tree, Draycott
February 2012 Selection of work exhibited at Gallery 12, Eccleshall, Stafford
November 2012 Selection of work exhibited at Number 4 Gallery, Berwickshire 'What a Cracker' Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge